PIONEER of Fully Automatic Membrane Filter Press


This fully automatic filter press with unique filter type can be used for filtration and dewatering in virtually all the industrial fields including filtration process in production plants, sludge dewatering process for city water, sewage and industrial water, treatment of various industrial wastewaters, and purification of sediments in ocean, river and lake.


  • The filter cloth in filter chamber is shifted downward together with dewatered cake, and then the cake is discharged by force. Because of this arrangement, even thin cake or difficult cake is reliably delivered from the machine.
  • Filter cloth can travel with a simple mechanism: thus, service activities including filter cloth replacement are easy.
  • The filter cloth is always tensioned with a constant force; thereby no wrinkle occurs on the cloth, and tension adjustment against elongation of cloth is not necessary.
  • The expression mechanism incorporates a special arrangement. As a result, the expression machine can operate for a prolonged time and can be easily replaced.
  • Much higher expression pressure (2 to 2.5 MPa) can be employed to obtain dewatered cake of extremely low moisture content.
  • The filter cloth washing nozzle at the bottom of the machine directs cleaning solution to the filter cloth at a short distance, powerfully washing the filter cloth and preventing clogging of filter. Simultaneous frame opening and simultaneous cake discharge are executed; thereby idle time including cake discharge time and filter cloth washing time is reduced.