PIONEER of Fully Automatic Membrane Filter Press

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MFT type filter press(center feed type, filter cloth fixed type, squeezing type)

The MFT type filter press can be used for filtration processes in manufacturing plants, treatment of various industrial wastewaters, sludge dewatering treatment of water and sewage, industrial water,etc., and filtration and dewatering in all other fields.


  • Since all the characteristics of HJMF are inherited, it is less affected by fluctuations in slurry properties, and it is possible to stably obtain cakes with a low water content.
  • By unifying the filter plate feed mechanism and filter cloth vibration / cleaning mechanism and hydraulically driving the leaking liquid tray, the number of motors has been reduced and power saving has been achieved.
  • A new lineup of filter plates with integrated PP film has made it possible to meet a wider range of needs than the conventional HJMF. With the PP membrane integrated type, the liquid passage part is entirely inside the equipment, which reduces liquid leakage to the filter plate feeder and prolongs the mechanical life. In addition, since the squeezed membrane is replaced together with the squeezed plate, the labor required for the work is drastically reduced. In addition, the integrated structure eliminates the need for metal parts that come into direct contact with the slurry (stock solution), improving chemical resistance.
  • Since the filter cloth shape uses a fixed type that is not restricted by mechanical strength, the filter cloth can be used for a long period of time. Also, since it can be used with a filter cloth with weak mechanical strength, it is possible to use a wide variety of filter cloths with excellent filtration characteristics.