PIONEER of Fully Automatic Membrane Filter Press

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On the model KM pure squeezer, the squeezing (dewatering) section is fully separated from the drive system: thus, the model KM can be used in quite wide range of dewatering applications, for example, a squeezing process in food plant and dewatering process in production plant.


  • Dewatering is achieved by mechanically varying the dewatering capacity. Kurita’ pure squeezer is a unique dewatering machine—no similar design is found in the world. Since the mechanical drive is fully separated from the dewatering section, the machine boasts hygienic design and allows for easy cleaning operation.The machine can be conveniently used for squeezing and dewatering operation in various food processing plants and medicine manufacturing plants.
  • The machine directly dewaters the material with high-pressure hydraulic power, helping quickly produce dewatered cake of lower moisture content.
  • Dewatering is controlled by a digital control system, thereby targeted moisture content is reliably achieved, and labor for dewatering operation is no longer necessary.
  • The machine features simpler structure, all the components in contact with liquid are made of stainless steel and polypropylene. Consequently, the machine is free from corrosion, and always operates in sanitary conditions.
  • Dewatering for sweet bean paste, dewatering for shredded cabbage, granulated broth, epoxy material (explosion-proof specification), etc.