PIONEER of Fully Automatic Membrane Filter Press


A simple filter plate feeding mechanism has been incorporated into a conventional semi-automatic filter press. Model SF filter press is easy to operate: when ejecting cake, the operator can move the filter plate to the right or left as needed by operating the pendant switch on the machine side. To scrub off sticking cake, the operator may use an appropriate spatula or rod type tool.


  • An easy-to-operate filter plate feeding mechanism, whose filter plate is manipulated with a machine-side switch, has been incorporated into a conventional manual filter press. Thus, the operator can eject cake without help of an assistant operator.
  • No complicated control mechanism is included, allowing the machine to be provided to users at lower price.
  • We recommend that the model SF be used as a semi-automatic machine for handling difficult liquid that does not allow for automation because of resultant difficult-to-handle cake.