PIONEER of Fully Automatic Membrane Filter Press

RF filter press

Filter press can be applied in various applications that require filtrate, or cake or both filtrate and cake. This press is suitable for filtration of all materials except in that cake is paste type and cannot be readily released from the filter cloth.


  • Compression caused by filtration pressure is utilized for dewatering to produce dewatered cake.
  • Additionally, air blow process can be added to further decrease moisture content in cake. Use of cake for filtration helps easily obtain clean filtrate.
  • Not involving mechanical components for squeezing/dewatering, this type of filter press features simple construction and less frequent fault occurrence, boasting easy maintenance. This in turn helps reduce initial cost and running cost.
  • The shape of filter cloth is fixed so that the filter is not affected by limitation of its mechanical strength, thereby filter cloth can be used for a prolonged period. Also, filter cloths of relatively weak mechanical strength may be used; thereby a diversity of filter cloth types each boasting good filtering characteristics can be used.
  • Filter cloth of simple form is used. As a result, filter cloth can be quickly replaced.
  • Since rubber membrane such as expression membrane is not used, the filter press can be used for filtration of high-temperature slurry.
  • The filter press can be equipped with optional automatic filter cloth washer.