PIONEER of Fully Automatic Membrane Filter Press

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This perfect filter press is Kurita’s new development in filter press technology and boasts advantages of both fixed filter cloth type and traveling filter cloth type, capable of fully releasing cake. This machine can be used for filtration and dewatering in virtually all the industrial fields including filtration process in production plants, sludge dewatering process for city water, sewage and industrial water, treatment of various industrial wastewaters, and purification of sediments in ocean, river and lake.


  • Filter cloth is not securely fixed to the filter plate; the filter cloth having dewatered cake adhering to it can be much tilted relative to the filter plate for easy releasing of the cake. For this reason, this filter press is suitable for treatment of raw liquid whose dewatered cake will not be readily released from filter cloth.
  • he expression membrane assembly has incorporated a special arrangement so that the membrane can remain operative for an extended period.
  • Much higher expression pressure (2 to 2.5 MPa) can be employed to obtain dewatered cake of extremely low moisture content.
  • The shape of filter cloth and expression membrane is designed, optimized for ease of maintenance; these members can be serviced or replaced quickly.
  • The shape of filter cloth is fixed so that the filter is not affected by limitation of its mechanical strength, thereby filter cloth can be used for a prolonged period. Also, filter cloths of relatively weak mechanical strength may be used; thereby a diversity of filter cloth types each boasting good filtering characteristics can be used.