PIONEER of Fully Automatic Membrane Filter Press

Kurita Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd, Japan, the Pioneer in the field of Fully Automatic Filter Press,

Has over 90 years of knowledge and engineering expertise to provide the perfect quality in manufacturing of a complete range of Filter Press.

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Our Mission

Filtration plays an essential role in today’s world by meeting the wide ranging and varied needs of industry. It is one of the most important industrial processes, one that has developed in step with the historical progress of civilization. Since it was established in 1930, KURITA Machinery has grown and prospered in the field of filter press manufacturing. As the originator of the automated filtering systems, we have supplied our unique products and techniques throughout the world. And we are continuing our development for the coming century to cope with the many needs for pressure Filtration and to retain the confidence of our Customers by meeting their expectations. Kurita machinery intends to continue refining its technology for the good of society and through antipollution measures, the health of the environment. We look forward to your Valued Patronage and support.

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