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Dear Valuable Customer,

KURITA Yoshinao / C.E.O. Kurita Machinery

Thank you very much for visiting the website of ‘Kurita Machinery Asia Pvt Ltd’, a subsidiary of Kurita Machinery Mfg. Co. Ltd, Japan, in India.

As the Chief Executive Representative of Kurita Machinery, I would like to welcome you as our valued customer. Since the establishment of our company in 1930, we have been engaged in supplying Customized Safe, Strong, Qualitative, and Efficient with the Highest Industry Standard Filter press dehydrator to the demand of ‘solid and liquid separation’ in the world, as the specialized manufacturer. We have supplied more than 3600 units of full-automatic filter press for various applications in this field.

Considering Make in India and prompt Service to our Indian Customers, we have been present
in India for more than 12 years since the establishment of Kurita Machinery Asia Pvt Ltd in

As we already know India is on a fast track and has had a massive expansion in industrial & economic growth over the last 12 years. At the same time, the demand for filter press has dramatically changed. Currently, the Indian market is eager for a fully automatic filter press with high-end quality in which Kurita takes advantage of this opportunity in the market. Then the skilled filtration technician in our Ahmedabad factory, with a systematic filtration laboratory facility, offers the most suitable filtration system according to the customer’s requirements. This is based on the extensive filter data collected over the past 90 years. As a Japanese proverb says, ‘hundred strike makes iron strong’, we keep working hard to provide quality Filtration machines for the coming 100th year in 2030. We hope our proposal might be useful to your filtration demand and it make the year 2030 as memorable for you too.

Thank you for your continued support

Thank you for your continued support. In 2010, we celebrated our 80th anniversary from our foundation. This is due to your and other customers’ kind support for us. Since our foundation in 1930, we have been committed to perfection of our solid-liquid separation technology, and through this process, we have found our engineering advantage in our filter press products.

We are only manufacturer in Japan

We are only manufacturer in Japan who is dedicated to design and manufacture of filter presses.

Since our foundation, we have already delivered more than 3000 our filter press products to leading manufacturers throughout Japan, and the industrial fields we have covered include chemistry, steelmaking, non-ferrous industries, as well as lifeline-related fields including food processing industry and city water and sewage.


We are going to make further proposals to our customers, on the basis of our so far accumulated engineering experience.

Toward Kurita’s 100th anniversary, all Kurita people will remain dedicated to make every possible effort and develop further improved products and offer better service to our customers.

We are doing our best in providing quick and careful maintenance works so that our customers feel satisfied and wish to keep long-lasting ties with us. We will remain fully committed to support our customers so that their production lines and wastewater treatment can operate safely. We are going to act, always remaining conscious about CS (customer satisfaction). Our customers are always encouraged to tell us about their thoughts as to inconveniences they feel about Kurita products as well as their suggestions about improvements about Kurita products.

Yoshikatsu Minemoto Field Service Group Leader

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